Artwork Guidelines

To ensure you avoid unnecessary charges and delays and to ensure you receive the highest quality customisation please checkout our artwork guidelines below..

If you don’t have or don’t have the means to supply the artwork in a format suitable for customisation we can convert (re-draw) your file to a suitable type for a fee of £25.00 + VAT. Of course, we will notify you and ask for confirmation prior to this work taking place.



High resolution JPG, BMP, TIF, EPS, AI

All file types are accepted as long as the resolution is high quality. For all first-time customers there is a £12.95 + VAT fee for logos or graphics to be converted into a embroidery format (digitising), this is a one off fee and your embroidered artwork will be held on file for future orders.

We do accept EMB file type. By supplying this file type means we waiver the digitising fee of £12.95 + VAT.



Vector AI files and EPS files

Vector Illustrator and EPS files are the preferred file types. It's easy to differentiate between vectors and other formats. If you zoom into a vector, you will see no jagged edges or distortion. If you zoom into a bitmap, the image and edges will become blocky.

Don't create a bitmap file and then save it as a AI or EPS file - it's still a bitmap and would be unusable unless we re-draw it for a fee

Embedding fonts and converting fonts to paths (or curves)

If your logo has any fonts / typefaces, then these MUST be converted to paths (or converted to curves - depending on your software package). This simply means that the font is converted to a graphic object and cannot be changed. If this is not done, then when we receive the file and don't have the equivalent font, we won't be able to match your artwork.

TIF and PSD bitmap files - suitable for single colour prints

Artwork files must be sized to the exact size (or larger) than the actual print size and must be at least 300dpi at the print size. Colours should be separated in layers. This is not a preferred method and may incur extra costs if we have to manipulate the file.

Adobe PDF files

PDFs must be created from vector files and maintain edit capabilities.

Don't create a bitmap file and then save it as a PDF file - it's still a bitmap and would be unusable and would be liable for a re-draw fee.


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